IVF Centre Dehradun, Uttarakhand, INDIA


What Our Client Say

1. We have been trying IVF cycles in many ART centres across India but we got success after coming to Saini IVF & Fertility Research Centre. Team at Saini IVF personally motivated me and my wife to cross various hurdles to achieve pregnancy.

Harprashad Mourya, Badun, UttarPradesh

2. My tubes were removed due to ectopic pregnancy. However, we have been blessed at Saini IVF with twin daughters. Thank you team at Saini IVF for giving us great happiness of our life.

Ragini Prashad, Jamshedpur, Bihar

3. Team at Saini IVF & Fertility Research Centre is quite helpful. They help patients for the best treatment possible. Would like to personally thank Saini IVF team and personally recommend this centre to all and even relatives.

Jaya Khanduri, Singapore

4. A centre in Dehradun and most probably in North India which follows international guidelines for IVF treatments and has been successful in giving pregnancies to patients.

Lokeshwari, Roorkee

5. Team at Saini IVF & Fertility Research Centre always works hard with their patients to give best success rate and take home baby rate.

Ambika, Roorkee

6. Thank you team Saini IVF for giving me most precious gift of my life.

Prof.Shalini, Dehradun

7. Thank you Dr.Pratibha & Dr. Antriksh Saini for fulfilling our lives with such a beautiful gift that we could ever dream of.

Aruna, Dehradun.

8. It is the only centre which counsel patients at every step of treatment explainingtreatment plans, pros and cons of it.

Abha Barthwal, Dehradun

9. Patients struggling with ART treatments, I personally would recommend you to come at Saini IVF and try their treatments.

Mukesh Sharma, New Delhi.

10. Patient environment friendly hospital with competent team of doctors&nurses.

Shakuntala, Tehri Garhwa

11. Excellent operative laparoscopy/ hysteroscopy and ART services available in Dehradun,Uttarakhand. This centre is regularly publishing their scientific work in international conferences and is the only centre in Dehradun who has highest publications and presentations in national and international conferences.

Padhu, Arunachal Pradesh

12. A centre with excellent team and services for patients.

Jitender, Haridwar

13. Team of nurses give a personal care to patients.

Kanchan Gupta, Dehradun

14. Neat and clean environment

Payal Lakhera, Uttarkashi