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Egg Donation

Egg Donation

This is a wonderful treatment option for women in menopausal and in post-menopausal age. Donor egg treatment cycles give best results with fresh eggs. We would encourage you to bring your own egg donor. If you cannot arrange your own egg donor, we will be happy do so, through our egg-sharing program. We have patients for IVF who are willing to donate their eggs so that their IVF cycle fee is distributed amongst the donor and recipient. These patients would otherwise have never afforded the cost of an IVF treatment. These are young women who are screened for regular IVF & ICSI cycles and this screening includes an infectious disease screening as well. On average, we aim for the recipient & donor sharing about 7-8 eggs each. Ours is an anonymous donor programme.



Embryo adoption is the newest method of planning your family, which combines assisted reproductive techniques with adoption, so that instead of adopting a baby, infertile couples adopt an embryo.

At Saini IVF centre, we handle embryo donation like a closed adoption. There is absolutely no contact between the donor couple and the recipients, who never see each other. The recipient couple does not even need to inform their obstetrician that they achieved their pregnancy through embryo adoption. Unlike traditional adoption, the couple does not have to go through a legal process to adopt, but through medical treatment. This means that the couple "Biologically adopts" the embryo. There are many reasons why couples may prefer embryo adoption over adopting a child. For infertile couples, embryo adoption offers the unique opportunity to be pregnant, to bond with their child prior to birth, and to give birth.In addition; embryo adoption may be much more affordable than traditional adoption in the US. Embryo adoption also offers couples privacy and secrecy, so that they do not need to worry about social acceptance of their adopted child.

For more information on our Embryo adoption programme you can contact Dr Pratibha Saini via email sainiivf7@gmail.com.


We are always looking for young healthy women living in Dehradun or India who would like to donate their eggs. Egg donation can allow you to help infertile couples who would otherwise never be able to have of their own, to start their own family. Prospective egg donors should be, young (less than 32 years old), healthy with preferably proven fertility (by having had at least one baby), women who have had a tubal sterilization are also eligible, as are those who have an IUCD (Intrauterine contraceptive device) in place. We will need to test you to make sure you are negative for HIV and other related diseases.



Every case is different, however, please do contact Dr. Saini to assess your situation in a private manner. We have had previous pregnancies in women >40 years old.